The Tournament Field – nurturing traditions and a 21st century event venue

Diósgyőr Castle as an event venue will await visitors in the future as well, however the reconstruction of the building parts will make the yard slightly smaller, thus the establishment of an appropriate public space for larger scale events will be needed.

Adjacent to the castle, a Tournament Field will be developed to host events that preserve traditions and function as a public space. The field provides a venue for events, it is designed to nurture equestrian traditions that are revived at present days, and to host different events and concerts.

The field, located between two partially roofed stands, will be a suitable venue for jousts, horse races, as well as for larger concerts, fairs, outdoor theatre performances and community events. The royal castle, with towers sitting at each of the four corners, provides an amazing background setting for all these.

The Tournament Field will be located within the area of the present Castle Bath. The central field, which is surrounded by stands and service rooms, will be a setting for equestrian programs, jousts and sports events, while with mobile stands, it will form part of the auditorium during theatrical performances and concerts.

The aqueduct, which once connected the moat around the castle with the Szinva stream, was brought to light as a result of excavations carried out during the building process. It runs along the northern stand of the Tournament Field. The original plans have been modified to establish an exhibition space that duly presents the remains of the aqueduct or is suitable for hosting other temporary exhibitions.

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