Terraced garden – thematic terraces in a renewing nature and horticulture

The Lillafüred Terraced Garden will also be renovated within the project. Each part of the terrace will be filled with new contents and the whole garden design will be renewed as well. As part of the development project, new lookout points will be established that enable visitors to admire the gorgeous nature and environment, as well as to enjoy picturesque views of the country’s tallest waterfall.

Palace Hotel was built between 1927 and 1930, according to the plans designed by Kálmán Lux. The hillside below the hotel was designed as a reinforcement of hanging gardens. The terraced walkway system leads to the entrance of Anna Cave, which is a sinter cave. The history of the large-scale construction works is duly reflected in the reports from the period:

Korabeli fénykép a Palotaszállóról és a függőkertről‘…Hotel Palace is one of the most stunning pieces of Hungarian architectural art. A whole hillside was transformed into a palace with terraces, bastions and walls, while an entire hillside was made even with the ground to create a due setting for parks and alleys. The Szinva stream was redirected to a newly channelled bed in order to create an even more breathtaking and precipitous waterfall...’  

The Terraced Garden, which will be recreated within the framework of the ‘Complex Cultural and Eco-touristic Development of Diósgyőr-Lillafüred’ project between 2012 and 2014, will regain its original grace and be a perfect match for the unique architectural and horticultural heritage.  The thematic terraces will make it a perfect setting not just for relaxing and meeting, but for memorable programs and cultural events, while it will be an attractive sight in itself.