Renovation of the Castle

During the implementation process, great stress is laid on the existing values of the castle, while we wish to incorporate the spirit of the old ages into a modern realization so that it would offer an attractive experience to a wide spectrum of visitors with its diverse, atmospheric and playful content. 

Within the framework of the project, the castle will be rebuilt to two floors height, except for the western wing. Visitors won’t have to walk on assigned corridors, but will be allowed to move free, try everything – thus experience the real spirit of a medieval castle and relive its everyday routines for some hours. While the interactive content allows us to entertain, it also provides a lot of information on the history of the castle – thanks to animators wearing period dresses and guiding and assisting visitors, as well as answering their questions.

The ground floor rooms will host exhibitions presenting everyday life in the Middle Ages, such as trades and crafts, the medieval kitchen and hunting. The history of the castle, including the luxurious interiors of queens’ homes, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, will be presented on the first floor. With its 3000 m2 floor area, Central Europe’s largest knight’s hall will be reconstructed in the north wing, and will be used as a conference and convention venue, also suitable for hosting other events and temporary exhibitions. The reconstruction of the two-storied chapel in the east wing opens up the possibility for organising extraordinary weddings.