Reception Field – with the of spirit of medieval markets

The MARKET and the FAIR both offer great chances for larger communities or people arriving from far away to meet, talk and make acquaintances.

The market is an architectural design, an urbanistic node and a communication frame that enables people to transmit human values, and besides trading goods, one may trade knowledge and information as well. Fairs offer a much larger scale of products: while markets satisfy the everyday needs of people, fairs, as well as in the Middle Ages, host craftsmen, artisans and merchants, too.

The Market Place will be found in front of the Tournament Field. Besides its original function, it will provide a venue for civilised, visitor-friendly community events, which fulfils the requirements of both visitors and market sellers with its carefully chosen street furniture, intimate lights, aesthetic garden designs and convenient meeting points.

The Market Place welcomes all visitors of the renewing castle and the freshly built Tournament Field with a well-suited environment, and over offering the general services, it will function as a real market place for artisans and merchants. The Market Place will become an inviting attraction with its individual function – as the venue of far-reaching, renowned fairs, enchanted with medieval spirit, organised at the feet of the Castle of Diósgyőr.