Main elements of reconstruction

Not just the castle will be renewed during the reconstruction process, but some original parts will be rebuilt as well, thus allowing us to enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of medieval architectural design in its original (or presumable) kind.

Knight’s Hall – The Knight’s Hall, which will be rebuilt, was divided in two naves with three columns in the middle, and with its 380 square meters area, had been one of the largest rooms of medieval castles in Central Europe.

The Chapel – The two-storied chapel with octagonal apse, is the central room of the east wing, and will be reconstructed as a hallowed place.

The towers – In order to enhance the romantic impression, the southwestern tower will be preserved in its shape from the 1800s, when it was ruined by a bolt. The upstairs rooms of the other three towers will host exhibitions, and lookouts will be built on the roofs.

Palace wings – Three of the four one-storied palace wings will be built: the northern with the Knight’s Hall, the eastern with the chapel and the kings’ residence, and the southern with the queens’ rooms. These will host rooms that serve visitors and interactive spaces that present the medieval castle life and different crafts and trades.

Wine cellar – The original cellar, which consists of two rooms and has an interior space of a floor height, may be reached through the original scales in the west wing.

Courtyard – The main entrance of the upper castle is the northern gate that is reached through the royal stairs.  The northeastern and southwestern decorated stairway leading to the upstairs loggia, will be rebuilt with making use of the original stone carvings in the courtyard.