A complex cultural and eco-touristic development of Diósgyőr-Lillafüred

Miskolc City with County Rights submitted a tender related to the ‘Complex Cultural and Eco-touristic Development of Diósgyőr-Lillafüred’ project. The most stress is laid on the reconstruction of Diósgyőr Castle. Besides the reconstruction of the castle, the establishment of a Tournament Field and a Market Place, and the renovation of the Lillafüred Terraced Garden (and filling it with new functions) are also included in the project. The tender was successful, and the Subsidy Contract was signed on June 10, 2012.

Main features of the project

Functions of the project elements:

  • Diósgyőr Castle: interactive, cultural exhibition place,  a place for events
  • Tournament Field: a public place, a joust field
  • Market Place: market place, reception place
  • Lillafüred Terraced Garden: public park, thematic park

Period of project implementation: June 11, 2012 – June 30, 2015.

Costs of the project:

  • Eligible Project Costs: 2 714 459 160 HUF
  • Subsidy: 2 272 384 272 HUF

The project is implemented with a joint financing provided by the European Union and The European Regional Development Fund.

Project number: ÉMOP-2.1.1/A-09-2F-2011-0002

Contents of the project

Miskolc City with County Rights had long been searching for the chance to restore the Castle of Diósgyőr, there had been much planning and numerous negotiations. As a result of these, it was revealed that the present “museum like” exhibition, set in the castle, is not too much attractive. Diósgyőr Castle should be presented in a unique and special way, in order to evoke pleasant memories in its visitors about their experiences here.

a projekt lakossági fórumon bemutatott prezentációja
Downloadable presentation of the development project »  click on the image!

During the reconstruction process, great stress was laid on the existing values of the castle, while we wish to incorporate the spirit of the old ages into a modern realization so that it would attract a wide spectrum of visitors with its diverse, atmospheric and playful content.

Within the framework of the project, the castle will be rebuilt to two floors height, except for the western wing. A special feature of its design is that visitors won’t have to walk on assigned corridors, but will be allowed to move free, try everything – thus experience the real spirit of a medieval castle. While the interactive content allows us to entertain, it also provides a lot of information on the history of the castle – thanks to animators wearing period dresses and guiding and assisting visitors, as well as answering their questions.

Makett: előtérben a Lovagi tornák tere, háttérben a vár

The ground floor rooms will host exhibitions presenting everyday life in the Middle Ages, such as trades and crafts, the medieval kitchen and hunting. The life of the queens among the walls of luxurious medieval interiors, such as a queen’s bedroom and bathroom, will be presented on the first floor. With its 3000 m2 floor area, Central Europe’s largest knight’s hall will be reconstructed in the north wing, and will be used as a conference and convention venue, also suitable for hosting other events and temporary exhibitions. The reconstruction of the two-storied chapel in the east wing opens up the possibility for organising extraordinary weddings.

Diósgyőr Castle as an event venue will await visitors in the future as well, however the reconstruction of the building parts will make the yard slightly smaller, thus the establishment of an appropriate public space for larger scale events will be needed. Adjacent to the castle, a Tournament Field will be developed to host events that preserve traditions and function as a public space.

The field provides a venue for events, it is designed to nurture equestrian traditions that are revived at present days, and to host different events and concerts. The field, located between two partially roofed stands, will be a suitable venue for jousts, horse races, as well as for larger concerts, fairs, outdoor theatre performances and community events. The royal castle, with towers sitting at each of the four corners, provides an amazing background setting for all these.

The Market Place will be found in front of the Tournament Field. Besides its original function, it will provide a venue for civilised, visitor-friendly community events, which fulfils the requirements of both visitors and market sellers with its carefully chosen street furniture, intimate lights, aesthetic garden designs and convenient meeting points.

The Lillafüred Terraced Garden will also be renovated within the project. Each part of the terrace will be filled with new contents and the whole garden design will be renewed as well. As part of the development project, new lookout points will be established to provide even more picturesque views of the waterfall. The Terraces of Music, Poetry, Youth and Meetings, Waterfall, Flowers and Sculpture will fulfil individual functions within the garden, and one may be fascinated by the direct and close views, and experience the atmosphere of the country’s tallest waterfall from Anna Lookout.

The aim is to create innovative, unique tourist attractions that meet high quality tourist requirements and are internationally competitive, and to increase the number of tourist attractions that inspire investors and are less seasonal. As the outcome of the implementation of the project, investors may expect a growing number of visitors, an increasing proportion of foreign guests, reduced seasonality, and an increasing proportion of those guests who spend more money on site.